A Trusted Name In Indiana Law

Reliable Service Since 1956
For over 60 years, Attorney David L. Zerbe and his family have provided knowledgeable and experienced legal representation to families and individuals throughout Indiana.

Family Law
We can assist you with your family law issue, including divorce, child custody and alimony, using collaborative law or traditional litigation.

Criminal Defense

We will defend your rights when you are facing a criminal charge such as DUI, drug crimes or sex offenses.

Estate Planning

Our firm can help ensure that your will, trust, guardianship and powers of attorney are in place to protect your family.

Personal Injury

In a personal injury matter, you can trust that our firm will be with you every step of the way to help you through this time.

A Lawrenceburg Legacy In The Law

It has been said that “Zerbe is the word for lawyer in Southern Indiana.” There is a lot of truth tied up in that little joke. The fact is, attorney David L. Zerbe and his family have been around here for a long time. That means experience. That means a rare understanding of the needs of the people in southeastern Indiana.

We have built a reputation on solid legal service to help people in need. When you come to our firm, David Zerbe will treat you with all the respect and courtesy that the clients of his firm have come to expect for the last 60-plus years. You can count on getting the advice you need to help you move forward.

We Work With People And It Shows

We will listen carefully to your questions, concerns and goals. What you need from us and from the outcome of the case is going to depend on what you are going through, your circumstances and you. We understand that as well as anyone, and we put you first at every step, whether you are:

Facing criminal charges
Going through a divorce or other family law dispute
Looking to draft an estate plan
Suffering from a personal injury matter

Our clients come away from working with us feeling heard. We pay attention to you. We work with you. We work hard to get you the resolution you deserve, whether in private negotiations, by fighting in the courtroom or through an organized alternative dispute resolution. We want to do what is best for you.

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Guiding Our Clients Through A Wide Range Of Legal Issues.

A General Law Practice, A Singular Level Of Service

Integrity, passion and communication are the hallmarks of what our firm brings to each of our clients. Our experience and hands-on approach can make a real difference for you, so contact us today at 812-270-9999 or use this online form.

David L. Zerbe has devoted his career to providing the reputable and experienced legal assistance for which his family is known. Find out what that means for you.