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Understanding kidnapping and confinement charges

When most people think of kidnapping, they picture the situations they've seen on TV or in the movies where the child or spouse of a wealthy person is abducted and held until a hefty ransom is paid. Most people who are charged with kidnapping, however, aren't involved in doing anything that elaborate. Kidnapping charges are, however, very serious.

Indiana law includes various levels of kidnapping charges. They all involve intentionally or knowingly removing someone and taking them someone else by force (or threat of it), enticement or fraud. The lowest level kidnapping charge (Level 6) carries the possibility of 2.5 years behind bars and a $10,000 fine.

Successfully maneuvering parent-teacher conferences

Now that the new school year has begun, it won't be long before parent-teacher conferences roll around. If this is the first school year since your separation or divorce, you may be dreading the idea of sitting in a classroom with your ex or soon-to-be-ex discussing your child with their teacher.

Divorced parents sometimes choose to meet separately with their children's teachers -- particularly if your relationship is still conflict-ridden. However, it's typically best for the child when both parents can be in the same meeting, hearing the same thing and discussing issues, goals and expectations involving their child together.

Tips for having 'the conversation' with your spouse about divorce

If you're looking at family law attorneys' websites because you're considering divorce, that's a wise first step. It's good to do some planning and preparation before you file for divorce.

Perhaps you haven't even told your spouse that you've made the decision to end the marriage. It's not always a mutual decision. Often one spouse makes the move to file for divorce.

Alcohol and CDLs don't mix

Truck drivers provide a valuable service to the country. They transport goods from all over the country to different parts of the country, including Lawrenceburg. Driving trucks can provide a lucrative career for good drivers, but it could all end with just one mistake -- drunk driving.

The Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration holds truck drivers to a more stringent standard when it comes to all traffic violations, including driving under the influence. It's not surprising, since they operate the heaviest and largest vehicles on the road, that an accident involving one of these mammoth vehicles could cause severe devastation.

Dealing with debts owed to a loved one after their death

You're the executor of a parent's or another loved one's estate. They've left money to some family members, others they were close to and charitable organizations.

Your loved one was generous in life and death. You know for a fact that they lent money to one or more of your siblings who were struggling financially or to someone who helped take care of their home as they grew too old to do so. However, your loved one never bothered drawing up any documentation like a promissory note.

Coordinating your kids' eating habits as co-parents

When you and your co-parent worked out your custody and visitation agreement and even your more detailed parenting plan, you may not have considered addressing your children's nutrition and diet. However, those can suffer when children move between two homes.

Likely, you and your co-parent don't have precisely the same views about your children's diet. However, you should at least work together to commit to choosing healthy, nutritious foods and snacks for your kids, both when they're at home and when you go out to eat. That includes packing a healthy lunch to take to school when they're staying with you.

Are you and your child victims of parenting time interference?

A detailed, well-crafted parenting plan can help co-parenting go smoothly after divorce. Both parents and the kids know what the parenting time schedule is so that parents can arrange their lives accordingly, and kids have a sense of routine that's crucial when they're dividing their time between homes.

Having a parenting plan in place also allows parents to clearly identify when their ex isn't adhering to the schedule, and if necessary, take action through the court. Any failure to adhere to the plan that isn't necessitated by some type of unforeseen circumstance or emergency can be considered parenting time interference. It's important for parents to recognize interference when it occurs. Some examples include:

  • Not dropping a child off with the other parent at the scheduled time
  • Not picking a child up from the parent they're with at the scheduled time
  • Canceling custody or visitation days
  • Not letting a parent have the child on their designated days
  • Preventing a parent from attending a child-related event, meeting or activity (including not informing them about it)
  • Consistently failing to attend these events, meetings and activities
  • Not letting a child see or speak to the other parent
  • Saying derogatory things to or in front of a child about the other parent
  • Taking a child outside of the designated area (for example, to another state) without permission

The special dangers of teens driving teens

Teen drivers have developed a reputation for unsafe driving behaviors like using their phones, speeding and driving under the influence. Of course, every teen is different and some are very safe and conscientious drivers -- maybe safer than their parents.

However, one of the potentially deadliest things a teen driver can do is have another teen in the car with them. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, when the only passengers in a car with a teen driver are other teens, the fatality rate increases by over 50%. That falls by 8% when there's an adult of at least 35 riding in the car with the teen driver.

What you need to know about arrests and talking to police

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding what happens when an individual suspected of a crime has contact with police. For instance, you may know you have rights, but aren't sure when they apply.

You may know that police must follow certain rules and laws when it comes to arrests and interrogations, but you don't know what they are or when they apply. Knowing is half the battle, so keep reading for some basic information that could help you one day.

There's more to teen distracted driving than using their phone

With summer in full swing, more than the usual number of teen drivers are on the road. We know that over half of all crashes involving teens are caused by distracted driving. However, the primary cause of that distraction may surprise you.

We generally associate distracted driving with talking and texting on cellphones -- and that's certainly a problem. However, more teen distracted driving crashes are caused by passengers (15%) according to a AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study than anything else. That's even higher than texting (12%).

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