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How to manage a job during the divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Family Law

An Indiana divorce upends many different areas of life. One needs to be extremely careful that it does not impact their work performance because dealing with job turmoil at the same time as divorce can be excruciating. Thus, one should think about how they will manage their job during this time until they are able to emotionally recover from the divorce.

One should have a conversation with their supervisor to alert them of the divorce. How many details are shared are up to the employee. However, the supervisor should be aware of what is going on in case they notice a change in job performance. If they have been informed, at least they can have the appropriate context.

One should not be too proud to tell their supervisor of the divorce. If the supervisor chooses to offer support, an employee should be willing to accept it. However, when it comes to the office realm, one should take care with divulging too many details of the divorce to coworkers who may offer overwhelming or unhelpful advice. Additionally, while work can be an outlet to help get through this challenging time, focusing too much on work can detract from some of the hard work that must be done for emotional recovery from the divorce.

One way that the toll of a divorce can be magnified is if it becomes contentious or if someone has to do a large amount of work on the process. Hiring a divorce attorney can free up some emotional bandwidth to deal with other pressing issues. Having an attorney could also improve job performance since the employee has more of an ability to concentrate on their job as opposed to the divorce.