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How consistency can help your kids get through your divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Child Custody And Visitation, Family Law

A common issue that many divorced parents in Indiana face is making the transition easier for their kids. A lack of consistency in routines, household rules and other matters can make parenting quite difficult after divorce.

Why is consistency so important for children of divorce?

Many family law experts agree that consistency is one of the most important tools parents can use to help their children through a divorce. Kids need schedules that are regular and predictable. This is particularly important when facing a major life change like a divorce. Consistency promotes security and can help to reduce stress in kids, especially in younger kids.

Benefits of consistent routines in divorced families

When kids face the unknown, they can feel a lack of security or confidence. A predictable routine helps them know what to expect and can serve as the foundation for better handling of transitional periods later on in life. Structure within the home can also help your kids develop healthy boundaries and habits.

Tips for establishing consistency with your co-parent

Although it can be challenging to establish a consistent routine between two households, it’s not impossible. Among the many changes that come in a divorce, the consistency you offer will help your children adjust with greater ease. When deciding on a routine with your co-parent, discuss things like:

  • How can we reward good behavior?
  • How should we communicate our household rules to our children?
  • What will be the consequences of not complying with a rule?
  • Will one or both of you be responsible for dealing with issues that come up?
  • Are there any potential problems with our approach to establishing consistency?

Learning to co-parent can be difficult, but you can do your part to help your kids feel more confident post-divorce. Do your best to keep consistency and routine in place whenever possible.