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Why do dogs bite people?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | Personal Injury

Many people own dogs, whether it’s for companionship, security or some other reason. While many dog owners take good care of their animals and follow local ordinances regarding their ownership of their pets, countless others don’t. Owners who fail to uphold the responsibilities of dog ownership are more likely to have their dogs lash out and hurt them or someone else. 

Dogs aren’t naturally aggressive animals; however certain circumstances may make them that way

Fear aggression is most common

Dogs are most apt to keep calm when they feel safe. They’re most prone to react aggressively and bite when they feel scared or like their lives are in danger, whether in reaction to verbal threats or physical violence. Fear aggression can be provoked merely by playing too roughly with a dog or even encroaching on their territory.

Stress aggression is another issue

Dogs tend to bite when subjected to stress. Abandonment, abuse, an illness or injury, and even loud noises can invoke a stressful response in a dog and lead them to lash out violently. People trying to rescue a wayward animal often find themselves on the receiving end of a bite because the dog is so agitated. 

Signs that a dog is ready to bite

You may find it helpful to learn to read a dog’s body language. It may help you determine if the canine is about to bite. If a dog begins growling, has raised fur, a rigid posture and a rapidly wagging tail, it may be on the verge of an attack.

Your rights when a dog bites you

Dog owners have a responsibility to keep their dogs from biting others. They must provide them with basic training on proper behavior to avoid any incidents. Owners must teach their dogs good socialization skills, especially when around kids, the disabled, and seniors. They need to teach their canine companions not to behave unpredictably when they hear loud noises, large machines, or they’re in the presence of other dogs.

Injured parties can often hold negligent dog owners liable for their injuries. An attorney will want to learn more about your dog bite incident before advising you of your legal options in your case.