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Assault, battery and personal Injury

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Criminal Law

Millions of people across the United States are harassed or assailed by victimizers every year. Some instances result in nothing more than being emotionally shaken while others can result in extensive personal injury or even death.

In the criminal system, victims of assault and battery can receive some reparations from their perpetrators. But how would these reparations work?

Assault and battery

There is a distinct difference between assault and battery. These are not synonymous legal terms and can be brought as separate charges in court. An assault involves a threat of violence by one person against another. This threat must be accompanied by evidence of the ability to carry out the threatened act.

Battery is a different charge. Battery involves the act of inflicting physical harm on another individual. This can be after an assault, a threat and means of pursuing violence, and physical harm of the victim. A battery charge can happen with or without an assault and vice versa.

Personal Injury

While assault and battery charges may result in reparations to the victim, a personal injury claim may help the victim obtain money to cover the cost of medical bills, make up for pay lost due to injury, and so forth. Personal injury lawsuits are for people who have received physical damages and financial burdens because of that damage.

Suing for personal injury more directly aids the victim of a crime. Assault and battery charges vary based on the scope of the crime. The victimizer is given fines and jail time as punishment for their actions. Adding a personal injury suit into the mix of charges can ensure the victim is repaid for vicious acts done to them. In a way, a personal injury suit can bring the justice circle to a close. The perpetrator is punished for the crime with fines and jail time and also must repay the victim that which the victim deserves.