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What makes a truck accident different?

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2022 | Personal Injury

Millions of trucks drive on the country’s roads every day, and accidents with other motorists are almost inevitable. Thousands of cases are reported every year, with numerous fatalities.

An accident involving a truck is not your ordinary crash. A fully loaded truck can weigh ten times more than a smaller vehicle. Due to the enormous size difference, injuries to occupants of standard vehicles can be much worse than those sustained in a collision with another car.

Other differences are discussed below:

You may need to claim against several parties

In an accident involving a truck, several parties can be held liable. The driver, for instance, can bear responsibility if they caused the accident while intoxicated. Additionally, the trucking company may be responsible for employing someone with a history of alcohol or drug violations.

You may need a larger payout

Truck accidents may result in severe life-threatening injuries. Some of them may cause permanent disability to victims. Moreover, treatment may run into thousands of dollars, in addition to the care and rehabilitation victims may need. All these translate to a large payout to cover such damages.

You may need to fight harder

The larger a settlement needs to be, the harder an insurance company may fight against it. Therefore, it is essential to be careful when dealing with insurance claim adjusters. You may want help to safeguard your legal rights and avoid falling into any traps insurers set.

It is not easy to get the compensation you deserve in a trucking crash, but neither is living with the consequences of your injuries.