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The unexpected consequences of DUI charges

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2022 | Criminal Law

A DUI may not seem like a severe problem to the driver, but it is a decision that can have catastrophic consequences for those around them. Disastrous injuries and deaths from drunk or drugged drivers may have influenced some of Indiana’s criminal penalties for DUI charges, but did you know there are non-legal consequences for getting a DUI?

How else a DUI conviction can affect you

A criminal conviction for a DUI can come with thousands of dollars in legal fines attached to the charges, but that may not be the only cost you have to pay for your conviction. Your insurance provider has the right to react to the information of you getting a DUI and take necessary reactions to the news.

Because a conviction can prove that you are a more liable driver than your insurer originally thought, they may decide to increase your insurance rates to cover the potential costs you may cause for them in the future. The average rate of increase in insurance rates in these situations is 74%, which is more than $1,400 a year for most drivers. Comparatively, a speeding ticket only sees about a 20% increase in premiums.

Additionally, a DUI conviction can result in the temporary loss of your license, making it a challenge to continue getting around places, including your job. Your employer may also decide to end your employment with them over your DUI, making any increase in insurance premiums even more expensive.

How you can combat these costs

The best way to beat DUI charges is by never getting them at all. However, if you are facing DUI charges, do not make the mistake of immediately pleading guilty or representing yourself in court. Instead, let a skilled criminal defense attorney review your case, build a defense strategy and fight to reduce your charges or have the court drop them entirely.