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Which dogs present the biggest threat?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Personal Injury

All dogs can bite you and inflict considerable harm should they choose to. Yet the chance they attack and the damage they can do varies from dog to dog.

The potential threat any dog poses is the product of its breed and its life history. If an owner treats a dog of a typically friendly breed badly, it could become a significant threat to other people. If an owner raises a dangerous breed responsibly and lovingly, that individual dog could pose far less of a threat than usual for its breed.

Size is another major factor in how dangerous a dog can be

Dogs can suffer from the canine equivalent of little man syndrome. You have probably come across a few troublemakers in your time. Perhaps at school or operating the door to a nightclub. While you know the big guy could take you out with one punch, the chance they will attack you is slim as their size and power give them security. It’s their smaller companions who so often start the aggression.

Small dogs are typically more liable to bark, growl, or bite than bigger dogs. It is a habit acquired over time due to fear. When you get too close, they act to try to force you to retreat before you can harm them. As dogs’ mouths are full of bacteria, even a little nip of the teeth could lead to a severe infection.

Big dogs can afford to be less scared. They know they can beat you if they need to, so it gives them the security to allow you closer.

If a dog bites you, seek medical treatment to treat any obvious damage and reduce the chance of an infection. Once you have secured your health, you can look at your legal options to hold the owner responsible.