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Have you suffered a seatbelt injury as a passenger? 

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Personal Injury

The focus of personal injury cases often centers around drivers. However, drivers aren’t the only possible occupants of a car. Passengers can be hurt in road traffic collisions too, and the potential injuries are no less severe. 

Perhaps you accompanied your friend to the store at the weekend? Maybe you share a ride to work? You were minding your own business when a car turn out in front of your friend’s vehicle, resulting in a nasty collision. You wore your seatbelt, which probably saved your life, but it’s still caused you some nasty injuries.

How are seatbelt injuries caused and what are your legal options? 

Chest injuries 

Part of the seatbelt raps around your shoulder and chest area, with the other component securing the lower part of your torso. For a seatbelt to be effective, the material it is made from needs to be capable of restraining you during a tremendous impact.

Unfortunately, this compromises your chest area during a collision. The force generated may be enough to fracture your ribs. This is painful in itself, but it can also result in further complications. A shattered rib could puncture one of your vital organs, such as your lungs or heart, turning a painful injury into a potentially life-threatening condition. 

Abdominal pains 

The lower part of the seatbelt can tighten around your abdominal area during a crash. This part of your body is particularly vulnerable, as there is no protection from the rib cage.

One thing that you really need to be wary of is internal bleeding. After an accident, don’t ignore stomach pains or abdominal cramps. While the injury may be external, there is also a risk that one of your organs has been compromised, which can be life-threatening. You should undergo a thorough medical examination if you experience any of the symptoms above. 

It is not only drivers who are affected by vehicle collisions, passengers can be injured too. If you have been hurt as a passenger, remember that you have a host of legal options at your disposal.