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How does commercial truck design contribute to crash rates?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Personal Injury

Commercial trucks fill a crucial role in the modern economy. They provide reliable and cost-effective ground transportation for goods and materials. Commercial trucks are particularly valuable for transporting chemicals and temperature-sensitive materials long distances safely.

The design of these big trucks allows them to be as efficient as possible for their intended purpose, but the size and shape of commercial vehicles also make them more dangerous for others in traffic. How does the design of a commercial truck contribute to its risk of a crash?

It has big blind spots

Having a long and tall trailer attached to the back of the cab affects visibility around the sides and rear of the vehicle.

Even if the truck driver or their employer installs extra mirrors to expand their field of vision, there will still be large blind spots on both sides of the vehicle and behind the truck where they will not be able to see other vehicles. A maneuver conducted when a driver can’t see others nearby could result in a tragic collision.

It takes longer to stop

The weight of a big truck means that it has a lot of momentum when traveling at the same speed as nearby passenger vehicles. It could take significantly longer to come to a full stop. That means the stopping distance for a commercial truck will be much bigger than the stopping distance for a smaller vehicle traveling at the same speed.

As a driver who wants to stay safe, you can protect yourself and your passengers by acknowledging these design-related shortcomings of nearby commercial trucks and adjusting your behavior accordingly. Knowing why big truck crashes occur can also help you seek financial compensation after a collision affects your family.