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3 tips for helping your children cope with divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Family Law

Children who go through a divorce will go through a range of emotions during the process. It’s up to their parents to help them cope with these or to find places they can go for help. 

You can do several things to make your divorce easier for the children. One of the most important is personalizing everything you do to meet their needs. 

1. Remain dedicated to consistency

You and your ex should commit to being a parenting team. You can start this immediately by telling all the kids together about your divorce. This can enable you to keep things consistent for the children despite the major life change. One thing that may help is if the major rules, such as study requirements and bedtime, remain the same in both houses. 

2. Encourage them to speak up

Children might be confused about how they’re feeling. Normalize the emotions they’re feeling and help them to express those productively and acceptably. It may help them if you discuss your emotions in an age-appropriate way so they can start processing their feelings.

3. Find a good support system

Their support system can include both parents, siblings and other family members. You can also turn to other adults they come into contact with regularly. These include coaches, teachers, pastors, youth leaders, and friends’ parents. Knowing they have support can help to make the situation easier to cope with.

The parenting plan you have set must be based on what your children need right now. Creative solutions to the custody issues you’re facing may help you to ensure they can thrive. Remember that child custody modification is possible as their needs change.