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Protecting Your Criminal And Driving Records

A drunk driving charge can have a severe, lasting impact on both your criminal and driving records. At the Lawrenceburg office of The Zerbe Firm, we understand the importance of retaining your driving privileges and fighting other potential consequences. We will act quickly to get your charges reduced or dismissed whenever possible.

Serving Clients In Southeast Indiana

While our office is in Lawrenceburg, our firm provides skilled defense throughout southeastern Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. Second and third offenses are treated differently. You need an attorney on your side who can guide you through the criminal case. Trust our knowledge of the law to provide the guidance and defense that you need.

For a complete discussion of your charges, implied consent laws or what defense can be used, schedule a consultation at our firm.

A Commercial DUI Can Derail Your Career

The standards for a DUI for commercial drivers are far stricter than for other motorists. If convicted of a drunk driving offense, you stand to lose your commercial drivers’ license, your everyday driving privileges and even your career. You may also face serious penalties such as fines, probation or jail time. If you are a commercial driver, we can defend you against your criminal charges.

Defend Yourself From The Penalties Of A Second OWI

Law enforcement takes repeat offenses of OWI very seriously. Therefore, the consequences for a second, third or even fourth OWI can be very severe. The fines you must pay are higher, the restrictions on your driving privileges are harsher, and the potential jail time is longer. We can help reduce or dismiss your charges or minimize the criminal penalties.

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