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In some states, the probate process is a lengthy, frustrating process that attorneys advise avoiding at all costs. In other states, the probate process is a necessary step in asset distribution. In Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, it is essentially a combination of both.

The Zerbe Firm advises clients on how best to alleviate potential family disputes through proper estate planning. Disagreements over the distribution of assets can lead to serious disputes after the death of a loved one. Such disputes may require resolution through the legal process and ultimately damage familial relationships for years to come.

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We have built a reputation based on attention to detail and thorough preparation. We can explain the probate process and guide you every step of the way. In Indiana, the process is largely driven based on whether testate or intestate statutes are followed.

Testate: The decedent died with a valid will in place. A valid will meets the requirements of Indiana law, including the fact that the will was drafted free of duress, the individual was of sound mind and the will was witnessed. In these situations, the probate process can run smoothly and free of dispute. We can guide you through the process of identifying and alerting heirs, paying the appropriate taxes, and paying any creditors.

Intestate: The decedent died without a valid will in place. This can mean that there was no last will and testament, or the existing will does not meet Indiana requirements. Additionally, if the will is found to be ambiguous, the intestate statutes can be followed. The rules of intestate succession are then followed. The assets are divided based on surviving family members (spouse, children and parents). If an individual died without having a comprehensive estate plan in place, the probate process can be frustrating and lengthy. A skilled attorney can guide you through this challenging process.

At The Zerbe Firm, we maintain a staff of dedicated professionals, including a paralegal with 30 years of experience who can answer your complex probate questions. Trust our detailed knowledge of the law and depth of experience to provide the help you need.

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Probate can be a time-consuming, emotional process, especially following the death of your loved one. Whether you are in the process of planning your estate or are mourning a loved one’s death, we can assist with your probate and estate administration needs.

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