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Assisting Individuals On Their Journey To Parenthood

Welcoming a child into your family through adoption is a rewarding experience, yet it does not come without several legal obstacles. Throughout such a momentous time in your life, an attorney can provide knowledgeable guidance to ensure a smooth adoption process.

The Zerbe Firm has helped individuals and families across southeastern Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky for over three decades. Our attorneys are committed to helping individuals and couples seeking to adopt a child.

Guidance Throughout The Legal Complexities Of An Adoption

As a full-service law firm, adoptions are one of the most important services we provide. Our goal is to assist you on the path to experiencing the rewards of welcoming and raising a child.

Whether you wish to adopt a newborn, teenager, stepchild, foster child or more, no two adoptions are the same. In working with our firm, we will:

  • Listen to your concerns and goals
  • Analyze your situation
  • Explain applicable Indiana adoption laws
  • Provide you with clear expectations on the process to come
  • Assist you to make informed, sound decisions

We understand how unique each adoption is and that each client comes to us with a different set of circumstances. With roots dating back to 1956, you and your family can trust in our personalized, honest and compassionate services.

Speak With An Experienced Attorney

Adoption can be accompanied by complex legal hurdles and procedures. We will efficiently navigate the process to enable you to welcome a child into your family as soon as possible. Contact our Lawrenceburg office to learn how we can provide value to your legal matters. Call us at 812-270-9999 or contact us online.