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Assistance Throughout An Emotionally Difficult Process

You have a person in your life who cannot take care of themselves and/or their finances. It may be necessary to file for guardianship to protect your loved one’s best interests.

If you are considering becoming your loved one’s guardian, The Zerbe Firm can assist you. We have helped many individuals in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio become guardians for their incapacitated family members. If you are thinking about taking this emotionally difficult step, we are here to guide you through the process.

What Does A Guardian Do?

Perhaps you are aware that your relative is not capable of caring for themselves, but you do not exactly understand the duties of a guardian. A guardian makes important legal, medical and financial decisions on behalf of a person who is mentally or physically incapacitated. If you become a guardian for your relative, your duties may include:

  • Making medical decisions on their behalf
  • Managing their finances
  • Signing medical, legal and financial documents for them
  • Applying for private or public benefits for them
  • Caring for their property and assets

We Can Guide You Through Guardianship

The day-to-day routine of caring for an incapacitated family member can be overwhelmingly stressful. If you are also going through the legal process of filing for guardianship, you may feel overwhelmed by the tasks required of you. Allow our caring and knowledgeable family law firm to assist you through every step of establishing guardianship. We will oversee the most important legal aspects like paperwork, deadlines and court appearances so that you can focus on your everyday life.

Learn More About Guardianship

When you wish to learn more about legal guardianship from a guardianship lawyer, you can contact our office in Lawrenceburg by calling 812-270-9999 or contacting us online.