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Representation For Both Biological Mothers And Fathers

Many children are born to unmarried couples living together. Single women can become pregnant and claim that their “significant other” fathered their child. Even a casual sexual relationship or a one-night stand can lead to pregnancy and a man claiming or denying parentage.

At The Zerbe Firm, we bring experience representing both biological mothers and fathers in paternity claims across Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. We focus on getting to the facts, and protecting the rights of our clients and their sons and daughters. You need that level of experience from a skilled and seasoned paternity lawyer when the stakes are high for you and your child.

The Legal Help Needed When Establishing Paternity

When a relationship produces a child, specific legal steps must be taken to determine paternity. Even without the benefit of marriage, the child requires support, and the biological father is entitled to quality time and a continuing relationship.

Legitimate parentage claims require an attorney to prosecute or defend the determination of financial support and parenting time. Child support is particularly complex, even though it is defined by a statute that specifies guideline percentages based on:

  • Gross income of both parents
  • Health insurance
  • Day care or other child care expenses
  • Parenting time

However, the court may consider other factors and deviate from the guidelines, provided that there is sufficient evidence.

Verbally being told of parentage and having a court rule on it are two different things. Biological mothers and fathers in Indiana need to take immediate action.

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