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What can an estate sale company do for you?

If you're the executor for a loved one's estate, one of your responsibilities likely involves unloading all of the belongings in their home. Often, people will designate in their will that their belongings be sold and the proceeds go back in to their estate to be divided with their other assets among their heirs and beneficiaries.

Why your college student needs some 'estate planning' documents

Your daughter has started college. She spends her first winter break at her roommate's family's home in Vermont and suffers a concussion on the ski slopes. As you try to talk to the doctor treating her, you learn that since she's 18, you have no right to any medical information about her without her consent, which she can't give since she's heavily sedated.

Reverse mortgages can leave heirs with unanticipated problems

Senior citizens seem to be inundated these days with ads for reverse mortgages. Many TV ads feature actors trusted by older people. While reverse mortgages can provide seniors with needed income, they also have disadvantages. Even if you avoid the reverse mortgage scams and sign on with a legitimate lender, you or your heirs could end up with debt you never intended.

Talk to your children if you decide to downsize

Many people like to downsize as they reach retirement age. With the kids out of the house, they do not need nearly as much space. They want to get rid of the clutter they have gathered over the decades. They may want to move into a neighborhood with additional services for things that become harder in old age -- like cutting the grass or shoveling snow.

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