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Compassionate Guidance After A Serious Accident

When you suffer a serious injury due to the negligent or reckless actions of another, it is easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated. Navigating the aftermath of a personal injury can be time-consuming, expensive and filled with doubts about the recovery path ahead.

The personal injury attorneys at The Zerbe Firm understands how much you are managing during this challenging time. While you focus your attention on recovering, we will take on the legal work to pursue damages for what you have suffered. Together, our attorneys will assist you to efficiently and productively move forward with your life.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Stand Up For Victims

Whether you were involved in a motor vehicle accident or fell on someone else’s property, you may have suffered serious injuries. These injuries can put your life on hold and carry severe medical costs and lost work.

We represent victims of:

With such significant consequences, you may be entitled to pursue damages. Damages provide financial relief for the medical expenses, property damage, potentially lost wages, and pain and suffering that you endured. This compensation can help you move forward following your injuries by providing the financial reserves you need to recover. 

The Advantage We Can Provide To Your Case

The Zerbe Firm has seen the impact that an accident can have on injured individuals and their families across Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. To assist you during this time, we will:

  • File a personal injury claim with the insurance company
  • Thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident
  • Collect and preserve evidence, including witness accounts and police reports
  • Represent you against the insurance company
  • Advocate for your interests every step of the way

Quick, out-of-court settlements are common for personal injury claims. We understand that an efficient conclusion is often preferable. However, the initial settlement proposed by the insurance company may not always be in your best interests. We will stay with your case to fight for the maximum amount of damages possible, including by representing you in court, if necessary.

Help Is A Phone Call Away

After an injury, life can feel hectic. You don’t have to face the mountains of paperwork and insurance companies alone. We can help. For these types of cases, we even make home visits. Our goal is to make sure things are as easy as possible for our clients.

We are humble, honest and dedicated to our clients. In working with our personal injury attorneys, you can trust in our commitment to achieving an optimal resolution for you. Contact our firm in Lawrenceburg to learn how we can be of assistance. Call us at 812-270-9999 or email us through our contact form.