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Hold A Dog Owner Responsible After A Dog Bite Injury

Dogs are popular pets, but no matter how well-trained they are, there is no way to completely remove their unpredictable animal instincts, or to anticipate when some invisible factor such as pain or fear or hunger will cause them to unexpectedly lash out. Even the tamest animal still has the potential to use its teeth and claws to cause serious harm to people in their vicinity.

If you’ve been injured by a dog bite or any other type of animal attack, you have way to obtain legal recourse. By seeking financial compensation for your injury, you can hold a negligent dog owner accountable while also obtaining much-deserved funds that can be used to defray the cost of medical bills as well as any lost wages you have incurred due to your injury.

At The Zerbe Firm, we understand how disruptive a dog bite injury can be to your work and your life. We will help you understand personal injury laws, and form a legal strategy designed to obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries.

The ‘One-Bite Rule’ And How To Prove Negligence

In Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, dog owners are protected by a “one-bite rule,” which means that when a dog owner is usually only liable for the harm their dog causes if their dog has no history of being violent or aggressive. In other words, dogs in Indiana get one free bite before their owners can be held accountable for an injury.

The one-bite rule is a legal obstacle for personal injury plaintiffs, and we can help you assess how it will affect your specific case. But an animal’s known history is not the only factor to consider in a dog bite case. It is also relevant where the attack took place – on the owner’s property, for example, as opposed to a public park – as well as whether the dog was leashed or fenced.

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Animal attacks can be terrifying as well as physically damaging. At our firm, we offer empathy and compassion for the harm you have suffered, and we will use every legal tool available to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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