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The Knowledge You Need After An Injury

If you have experienced a severe accident that left you injured, it is common to feel overwhelmed. The legal system and the insurance claims processes are so complex. You could benefit from having an attorney guide you through your options.

For 65 years, The Zerbe Firm has helped injury survivors throughout Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. We have the in-depth, detailed knowledge to answer your questions, address your concerns and help you understand your rights following a serious injury.

On this page, we have addressed some of the questions that our clients frequently ask us about injury law.

How much is my personal injury claim worth?

The value of your claim depends on several factors. These include:

  • The level of fault of the other party involved
  • The medical care you require
  • The damage to your vehicle or other property
  • The loss to your income or earning potential
  • The cost of your other damages (rehabilitation, pain and suffering, etc.)

When you sit down with an attorney, they can give you a better chance of what to expect from the value of your claim.

Does a personal injury lawsuit have to be filed within a certain amount of time?

In Ohio and Indiana, you must file a lawsuit within two years of the date of your accident. In Kentucky, the statute of limitations for a lawsuit is only one year. If you miss the deadline, you lose your right to recover compensation for your damages.

How do you prove negligence?

It is not always easy to prove negligence in an accident case. Your lawyer must conclusively demonstrate four criteria:

  • Duty: You must prove that the other party had a certain duty to you, from driving safely to providing safe premises.
  • Breach of duty: Then, you must prove that they breached this duty to you.
  • Causation: As a result, this breach of duty must have contributed to or caused your injury.
  • Damages: Finally, you must prove that your injury has monetary damages.

To prove negligence to an insurance company, judge or jury, you need a legal team that has represented several injury clients and achieved a record of successful results.

How are car accident verdicts and settlements calculated?

There is no formula to calculate the compensation that a plaintiff receives. Generally, the verdict or settlement is meant to cover your current damages, future expenses related to the accident and legal bills. Some claims also involve punitive damages meant to punish the perpetrator for their wrongdoing.

Should I hire a lawyer to help me with a car accident case?

Yes. With a lawyer on your side, you stand a much better chance at recovering maximum compensation. An attorney can also help you avoid mistakes in filing a lawsuit or a claim that may cost you more money. Because the aftermath of an accident can be so stressful, working with a lawyer can also reduce the paperwork and other tasks you have to complete. Overall, working with a skilled personal injury lawyer or legal team is well worth it in the long run.

Should I use my health insurance after a car accident?

Generally, yes. Using your health insurance can reduce the medical bills that you have to pay after receiving your settlement or award.

Ask More Questions And Get Knowledgeable Answers

We hope that these responses helped with a few of your questions. When you speak with one of our lawyers in person or over the phone, we can provide even more answers. To schedule an initial consultation about your personal injury, contact our Lawrenceberg office at 812-270-9999. You can also send us an email.