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Skilled Legal Guidance After A Commercial Vehicle Accident

Of the many types of vehicles operating on the roads – cars, pickup trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and more – commercial semi trucks are by far the most dangerous, and also the most unique vehicles on the road from a legal perspective. While most vehicles are driven by private citizens using a personal driver’s license, large trucks are operated by professional drivers using a commercial driver’s license (CDL), and their employers are required to carry a separate type of insurance reserved for commercial vehicles.

If you’ve been injured by a commercial vehicle, it’s important to work with a personal injury attorney who understands commercial vehicle insurance so that you have the best chance of obtaining the full compensation to which you are entitled. At The Zerbe Firm, we will help you carefully document your injuries and we will do additional research in order to build the strongest possible case. And we will answer all your questions thoroughly whenever they come up, from the start of the legal process until its resolution.

We offer empathy and compassion to our clients, but we approach insurance companies and negligent drivers aggressively. We are experienced litigators, and we will use every legal tool available to help you obtain some measure of justice after an injury.

Learn More About Your Options After A Truck Accident

Obviously, the most important thing to do after a commercial vehicle accident is to seek medical attention. But once your injuries have been tended to, the next step – equally important in the long run – is to speak with an experienced attorney and begin to form a plan. Our personal injury attorneys offer empathy for your struggles, as well as competence and professionalism in order to help you hold the party who has injured you accountable for their actions.

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